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Additional Information about david's background

David grew up in Monroe, Louisiana and after graduating from Wossman High School in May 1972, David immediately volunteered for military duty with the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War.  

David always had an interest in the law, particularly in police work.  This interest turned into a reality and a passion after David became tired of working as a computer operator for Shell Oil in Houston.  In February 1979, David and another co-worker from Shell applied for the Houston Police Academy.  David was accepted and graduated number 3 in his class of cadets.

David was assigned to work the North Shepherd Police Substation at 4719 N. Shepherd in Houston and was transferred on a temporary assignment to the Jail Division for a 6 month rotation.  After completing the jail assignment David was reassigned to North Shepherd.

David was selected to be part of a 5 man team who concentrated on major crimes, at times working plain clothes infiltrating an area and conducting surveillance on known criminals and high crime areas.  David and his team were awarded the Police Chief's Unit Commendation Award after solving a number of armed robberies and rapes and capturing and successfully prosecuting the defendants responsible for those crimes.

David was honored by the Southland Corporation along with another Houston Police Officer after they interrupted an armed robbery in progress at a 7-11 store in North Houston that quickly turned into a hostage situation.  After arresting one of the two robbers, David managed to crawl into the convenience store and take a position behind the second hostage taker ending the situation with the safe release of the hostage.

David was then asked to apply for an undercover narcotics assignment and after acceptance worked for over 3 years conducting court authorized wire-taps and undercover narcotic buys on some of the world's leading narco-traffickers at that time.

At various times during his law enforcement career spanning almost 20 years, David was cross designated with several Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, including the FBI, U.S. Customs, and the DEA while working on joint investigations.

David decided to further his education and while working full time at the Limestone County Sheriff's Office he drove the 198 mile round trip to Sam Houston State where he graduated Summa Cum Laude, Alpha Chi.

David was immediately accepted into Baylor School of Law where he graduated with a J.D. in Law and a concentration in criminal law.   David worked as an assistant county attorney for  two years before opening his private practice, focusing exclusively  on criminal law and major personal injury cases.

Shortly after going into solo practice, David was approached by Uncommon Productions.  The filmmakers were making a feature film about a case David was involved with where a narcotic task force raided a government housing project and arrested a large number of African Americans on  drug charges.  David worked with the American Civil Liberties Union and a Washington, D.C. Law Firm of Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale & Dorr.  David traveled from Groesbeck to California, Dallas, and Washington while working pro-bono on behalf of the wrongfully incarcerated defendants.  This landmark civil rights case resulted in a confidential settlement agreement, the clearing of the wrongfully arrested defendants records, and a feature film called "American Violet".  The case further inspired the Texas legislature to change the law on the use of uncorroborated informants in Texas.

David was portrayed in the movie "American Violet" by actor Will Patton and David's wife, Lori was played by Lucinda Jenny.  David and Lori walked the "Red Carpet" at the film's premiere at the Mill Valley Film Festival and were honored with a  cruise on a three story yacht in the San Francisco Bay with Hollywood actress Alfree Woodard.

David has been lead counsel on cases ranging from capital murder non-death penalty cases down to misdemeanors.  David is  also  licensed to practice in Federal Court  in the Western District of Texas.